For over a quarter of a century; The companies of Donor Services Group (DSG) have been helping non-profit organizations make a difference. The idea is simple:

The stronger the relationship between an organization and its donors, the more money can be raised.

DSG offers a full range of fundraising programs operated by distinct divisions, each dedicated to a different level of the donor pyramid, and each working holistically to move donors upward – something traditional telefundraising is simply not equipped to provide.

DSG – doing something good – one conversation at a time.

DSG provides its clients with a combination of creative advice, sophisticated data management and reporting systems, and high quality calling by a group of very dedicated telephone fundraisers.  But, more than that, it is our belief that only DSG offers the range of creative services and the cultivation-based approach necessary to genuinely move donors up the pyramid of giving.  No matter the program or branch providing the specific service, at DSG our approach takes full advantage of the opportunities available when an organization utilizes a wide array of sophisticated direct marketing techniques and media to educate and cultivate donors while also raising money.  We’re a company that doesn’t just talk about cultivation; we have made it the mainstay of our philosophy.  By paying close attention to the “donor experience,” we are able to build lasting relationships with donors that ultimately result in significantly greater giving as donors move from the base of the pyramid all the way to the pinnacle.